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Job Description

  1. Azure DevOps
  2. Node + React Developer
  3. Oracle EPM/BI Infrastructure and system specialist


Azure DevOps

Skills required:

– Currently 4 teams of developers composed of 4-5 people
– Backend services ranging from little to high complexity (microservices and monolithic architecture)

– Empower teams of developers to DevOps practice (coaching and upskilling of people)
– Implement and optimise CI/CD pipeline collaboratively with the team.
– Provide guidance on the DevOps pipeline

Azure 3+yrs (pref 5+ for Lead), DevOps Engineer 5+yrs, GitLab, Java, Tomcat, Databricks, Automation experience 3+years
Kubernetes 3+ years, Terraform 3+ years


Node and React Developer

> JavaScript cu Node.js, reactive frontend such as React.js – 1 rol  deschis

> Client: IKEA

> Nivel experienta: Expert 7 yrs +

> Contract pe o perioada de 6 luni cu posibilitate de extindere

Technical expertise:

  • Good experience in Web development.
  • Good experience in modern front-end development. Experience in working with one or more reactive front-end frameworks like: React.js
  • Good experience in JavaScript programming language. Good experience in working with node.js based backends.
  • Experience in establishing and/or working with automated CI/CD, pipelines.
  • Experience in using GIT.
  • Experience of working in agile software development teams with an emphasis on self-organization
  • Experience from various engineering practices including design, development, documentation and test automation using industry standard tools
  • Experience of microservice Architecture and cloud technology.
  • Experience being part of designing and creating the architecture of new Digital Products
  • Experience in cloud app development using one or more of the popular cloud services: GCP, AWS, Azure, etc. Since we are using GCP, it would be beneficial (but not a must) if you have experience of working and configure of GCP components.
  • Experience working with databases
  • Good understanding of API’s

As a Software Engineer you will be expected to:

  • Be part of the iterative design process with the team
  • Reach out and align with our chapters and technology groups on patterns and practices such as data mesh, security, privacy, tooling etc.
  • Develop new functionality in both the products and supporting solutions
  • Help make sure our documentation is always up to date
  • Support the products we develop in production
  • Collaborate both in the team and with stakeholder on the Product side
  • Code review, pair programing
  • Share your good practice and learnings
  • Take/Feel responsible over your delivery’s quality
  • Understanding of event-based contra batch driven API’s.
  • You should feel comfortable working with a variety of technologies.
  • We also expect you to have included test as part of your code delivery.

You have a minimum of 7 years’ experience as a software engineer and/or architect with experience from a variety of tech stacks and proven abilities in developing high quality code and applying best practices. It suits you to work cross functionally both independently and interdependently, with the support of a vast software engineering network. Ability to travel to Sweden for 1-2 days at project start up.

It’s beneficial if you are aware of and appreciate IKEAs corporate identity, core values and vision of creating a better everyday life for the many people.


Oracle EPM/BI Infrastructure and system specialist

> Experience with BI, DRM, Oracle EPM, Essbase, Oracle Analytic server

Technical expertise

  • Infrastructure Expert to work on an on-prem upgrade project for Oracle EPM/BI platform (including Essbase, Oracle Analytic Server, DRM)
  • The platform is an extensive platform with high demands on performance, availability and capacity (highly available, load balancing, SSL encryption)
  • Responsibilities include actively contribute to the upgrade project by setting up and configuring new environments including virtual servers, databases and software applications etc.
  • Experience from working with Oracle EPM/BI Software important to succeed together with a knowledge around the processes, tools and standards involved in managing new infrastructure
  • Be part of team developing and maintaining a large scale on and enterprise wide deployment of Oracle EPM and BI.
  • Working with upgrades, patching, continues improvement and issue resolution.
  • Highly available system at multi-site and full redundancy

Must have knowledge

  • BI
  • DRM
  • Oracle EPM
  • Essbase
  • Oracle Analytic server